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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Perfect Fit

The 2011 Honda Fit.  Yum.  This is the car I will measure all others on my list against.  Still, buying a car is a Big Deal (note the capitols) and so I feel like I have to explore every option in a thorough manner to be comfortable signing away several thousand dollars and 4-5 years of my life.

4-Door Hatchback 5 person
Base Model, ST, MSRP: $15,100
Est. MPG City/Hwy/Combined: 27/33/29

The base model has A LOT standard, so that's sweet.  I've added splash guards, a liner to the cargo area and keyless entry because I am now spoiled and it's worth $150 to never have to search for the lock in the cold and dark.  I'll have to see how good the floor mats are in person, since I can get really great all-weather mats for about the same price as Honda retail.

It's got SPACE:

Back seat folds completely vertical.  Great for tall laundry baskets or hockey sticks.

Back seats fold completely flat.  Could fit a big ol' goalie bag o' gear in that pretty easily.

Viola!  Instant room for a full sized inflatable mattress OR room for Ultra gear & crew crap.

What's even better?  The 2011 model has Electronic Stability Control standard for only $200 more than the 2010 model.  Previously you'd have to get the Sport Navigation package which a)only comes with Automatic Transmission and b) adds $4,210 to the base price.  I don't really need the navigation option, and it seems silly to have a "sport" model with an Automatic Transmission.  So, I'm psyched that this recommended safety feature is now standard (has to be standard on every car by 2012, fyi).  Other sweet standard features are ten, count 'em TEN cup holders, power locks and windows, AC, Cruise Control, and USB/Aux jack stereo interface.

Relevant reviews:
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(Consumer Reports update linked in the paragraph above)

Have you driven a Fit?  Any suggestions?



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