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Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Kia Rio 5

Base Model (Lx) AT MSRP: $15,095 (w/ "value package" $16,540)
Estimated MPG City/Highway: 27/35

Silver's more my color... but the burnt orange is nice.

This one's pretty much ruled out by not having a standard transmission.  Still, it's worth considering a Kia due to their great warranty.  The Rio 5 is the SAME as the Rio Sedan, but with a hatchback.  It's a decent car, stuff-wise, for a decent price.  But it's coming out below the Fit... the prices are essentially the same but the Rio has less standard safety features, and the Honda will hold it's value longer than the Kia.

Oh, huh... look at this article about the 10 Least Safe Cars of All Time... guess you're out, Rio.

While browsing the site, I noticed the Kia Soul.  The Soul is in the Roller Skate vein of cars (think Cube, Element, etc), but it's got just about everything I'm looking for.  Here's the base specs:

2011 Kia Soul + (the base model was a little more basic than I wanted to live with)

MSRP: $15,495 (w/ my options $16,275)
Estimated MPG City/Highway: 24/30

Quality standard safety features including Electronic Stability Control (ESB).  This model has the power locks/windows/keyless entry type features that I like with the option added of cargo liner etc.  The mileage isn't awesome, but the rest of the car is totally comparable to the Fit.  I'm not a fan of the "logo seat covers" that is the ONLY interior option, but whatevs.

Edmunds Review of the Soul  Highlight quote: "There are other choices to consider, naturally, including ... the Honda Fit, which has livelier handling and surprisingly cavernous cargo capacity."

Car and Driver Review of the Soul Highlight quote: "Looks are the whole ballgame here, because beneath the radically angled window line and the buff fender bulges and the seat fabric that glows in the dark with the word “soul” is basically a good-sized but unspectacular economy box."

After research, the Soul falls above the Rio, but still slightly below the Fit.  



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