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The original intent of this journal was to chronicle the trials and tribulations of the struggling twenty-something, as I searched for love and happiness in the small city-burb of ManchVegas, NH. Now, I'm thirty-something, I've found love in many forms, happiness in even more, and now the struggle is just... well... life. And finding time to do the million and one things I want to do- including writing.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Whoops! Uh.... Hi!

You ever get that call? It goes something like this:
You: Hello?
Them: Oh! ... um.... HI! Hey!!!! How are ya???
You: Good! Great to hear from you, it's been a while!
Them: Yeah, heh... actually I called you by accident... I meant to call You Smith... hah... weird how you have the same first name...
You: oh... ha... right. Well, catch you later.

I've been on both ends of this REALLY awkward situation. This morning my phone rang at 8:30am. Since I was at work (and actually doing work - yes, it does happen), I silenced my phone and let it go to voicemail. It was my Dad; weird for him to call since we had just talked on Sunday, but we had been in the process of making plans for a visit. Listening to my voicemail my dad starts out laughing, "Oh, good morning my Favorite Daughter (he likes to call me this since I'm his only daughter. That we know of.) I didn't really mean to call you, but... uh...Hope your day is going great!! Uh..... Bye!"

A one-sided awkward conversation. Who knew?

On the flip side, I used to do this to Seacoast ALL the time. Seacoast and Golden Girl share the same first name, hair color, and (un)lucky fate in having been my roommate at one time or another. I would make a call to (I thought) Golden Girl:
Me: Hey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?
Seacost: Uhh.... sure... not sure how I'm gonna get it from Portsmouth to Brooklyn, though.
Me: OH! Heyy...... uh, how ya doin? (etc.)

Luckily Seacoast had a great sense of humor about it (or she was really, REALLY kind). It was always nice to catch up with her, of course. It was kind of like both of us were getting that unexpected phone call from a distant friend. I always felt kinda guilty afterwards, though.

But Seacoast is a long time friend. What about when you make a call to someone you don't want to talk to? You know, those folks you keep in your phone so you know to ignore the call (not any of you, of course... all those other crazy bums). Like, you mean to call your Dentist, but you end up calling Dennis, the wicked annoying guy from your previous job who wouldn't stop hitting on you even though you were VERY clear that NOTHING would EVER happen. EVER. How does one handle that?

How would you handle that?

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  • At 1:46 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    Hi sweetie! finally finding a routine and all caught up on your blog. Glad to see things are going well with family and romance and friends.

    And on the unintentional call: awkward. I'm not sure there's a graceful extrication from this one.

  • At 2:29 PM , Blogger Kirsten said...

    You handle it by pretending to be your Brazilian cousin using your phone. :)


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