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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

5K Training - Setting the Schedule

Yesterday and today I worked on actually plotting a training schedule to get ready for the 5K. Apparently, 5 weeks is what is reccomended. Whoops.

Pocket Sized and I compared dates and came up with a few days to run together before the race. That was a start. I let My Runner do some legwork and he found the following resources which I leaned on:

There's a TON of resources for training for a 5K. Couch-to-5K programs are everywhere, and they're all basically the same. They include a lot of run, then walk, then run. And most of them take 5 weeks or more. But I've got 3.

So I took the table from the middle link and adapted it. I'm running just about every other day, sometimes with an extra day. Here's the plan:
11/2 - 1.25mi (yeah, that was yesterday - ran before hockey. Hockey running doesn't count towards this plan.)
11/4 - run 15 min
11/7 - run 1.5mi
11/9 - run 20 min
11/11 - run 20 min
11/13 - run 2.0 mi
11/15 - run 25min
11/17 - run 25 min
11/19 - run 2.5mi
11/22 - run 30 min
11/24 - run 3mi
11/26 - run 5K race

I really like the combination of timed runs vs. mileage runs. I've been so focused on distance lately that running for a time will be a good mental change. I hope to maintain about a 10- or 11-minute mile pace, though 10 would be ideal.

Looking at this schedule, having days off is frustrating, but I know I need them to let my body rest. I'd like another week - maybe another couple of 3 mile runs before I do the 5K. But as it is I'm increasing my distance a little on the fast side. I'm going to have to really commit to doing warm up/cool down and stretching to make sure I don't injure myself. I'm also still playing hockey and I've got my next trapeze class near the end of this training.

I'm pretty confident I can do this. Whelp... I'm doing the race. I'll finish it. One way or another. Hopefully on my feet. :-)

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  • At 12:18 PM , Anonymous CoachTief said...

    There are a lot of training plans out there. I like the Couch to 5k plan by a trainer named Jago Holmes.


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