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The original intent of this journal was to chronicle the trials and tribulations of the struggling twenty-something, as I searched for love and happiness in the small city-burb of ManchVegas, NH. Now, I'm thirty-something, I've found love in many forms, happiness in even more, and now the struggle is just... well... life. And finding time to do the million and one things I want to do- including writing.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

What a Maroon!

On a dinner date with my Mom, Mr. Fixit, and my aunt and uncle last night, my uncle showed me this little gem he pulled off a tape circa 1988.

That's little me with a pretty awesome Animal puppet hamming it up for the entertainment of my elders. Also, I still use "I gotta go to the bathroom" as a way to get out of conversations where I don't know what to say.

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  • At 4:21 PM , Blogger Kristin Marie said...

    That is AMAZING. Also, about 7 seconds into the video I yelled, "CAMP!"

  • At 6:20 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    That. Was. The best thing EVER!

  • At 8:57 PM , Blogger Suz said...

    how cute was that! good thing none of the tapes my dad took of me 'entertaining' his guests at dinner parties in the 70s survived!!

  • At 1:47 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    Wow, you've had MANY years of practice being cute.


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